Ensuring the security and privacy of information held in IT systems is essential to maintaining the integrity of a business.  Equally critical are professional responsibilities in ensuring data accuracy and compliance with relevant regulatory requirements, as well as managing access to systems, applications and data.

It is therefore important to understand the risks that you face to enable you to make informed decisions for the security of your information systems.

This includes the requirement for effective practices to identify gaps and weaknesses in privacy and security controls and to adopt sustainable strategies to mitigate each risk.

Implementing a risk management program will focus your limited resources where they can provide the greatest level of benefit.

At eHealth ISPS, we take a comprehensive approach, using industry best practice, to identify and evaluate security risks.  The potential effect of each risk is considered in terms of the confidentiality, integrity and availability needs of the business.

  • We tailor our assessment to your business needs and operational context, working in collaboration with you to ensure the right information assets and processes are covered.
  • Ensuring that assessment objectives are met with minimal disruption to operational activities is a key concern for our compliance experts and engineers.
  • In carrying out our analysis and making final recommendations, we consider carefully the required costs in balance against the revenue of the business and level of risk exposure.
  • Risks uncovered by our analysis are presented in an easily understood summary format, supported by further detail, along with our recommendations for improvement.
  • We present solutions to actual, exploitable security threats, allowing you to confidently prioritise remediation of the most critical vulnerabilities.
  • Following a review of our recommendations, a remediation plan and timeline are developed that includes a projection of required resources.

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