Information Security policy and procedures provide the key foundations of good organisational security practice. However, in order for these practices to be successful, they need to be enacted with diligence by all employees.

Employees thus have an important role to play in protecting organisational systems and information, and preventing compromise or the unauthorised disclosure of information.

eHealth ISPS offers a comprehensive security and privacy training program to help organisations create a strong security culture to support their security requirements.

Our programs endeavour to help employees understand the underlying rationale for good security practice, in addition to providing them the necessary skills to carry out that practice efficiently.

Our program considers your specific organisational needs and will be tailored to include content from the following:

  • Protecting Health Information
  • An overview of information security and privacy, and associated obligations. This includes an introduction to the relevant policies, standards and regulations
  • Common information security procedures (for example, information security incident reporting, user access management, media handling etc.)
  • Key topics in information security:
    • password security
    • email security (in particular, guidelines for recognising and managing “phishing” attacks)
    • mobile device and application security
    • data protection and destruction
    • safe social networking
    • safe web browsing
    • physical security
  • Contact points and resources for additional information and advice on information security and privacy matters, including further education and training materials

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