Secure Information and Information systems are essential for the protection of your business and that of your clients.

However, identifying, implementing and integrating prudent security and management practices into the business processes can be a challenging task.

Here at eHealth ISPS we understand that organisations have different objectives, different operating models and different requirements.


As an experienced, specialist provider we can provide a  tailored range of Information Security Services that will suit your specific needs.

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Ensuring the security and privacy of information held in IT systems is essential to maintaining the integrity of a business.  Equally critical are professional responsibilities in ensuring data accuracy and compliance with relevant regulatory requirements, as well as managing access to systems, applications and data.

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Whether it is to prepare your organization for a ISO 27001 certification, compliance with VPDSS, PCI assessment, NIST CSF benchmarking, RACGP accreditation, an audit or simply to better implement the best practices held in these standards, eHealth ISPS’s consultants  will lead and support you through the necessary steps of the implementation.

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Organisations often utilise Third Parties  to help them manage their businesses.  In order to do so, they are often required to share potentially sensitive information or grant Third Parties  access to ICT infrastructure.

Few organisations however have a sufficiently robust processes in place to manage the risks that come with ICT outsourcing. Having a Third Party Risk Management program offers organisations a key protection to help address these risks

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Organisations subject to the Privacy Act must take reasonable steps to protect personal information as outlined in the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

Sensitive information (which includes health information) is an important subset of personal information under the Act that requires careful management.

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All organisations need to carefully manage the security of their information systems, ensuring that information is available to the right people, at the right time, and in the right form.

In order to achieve these objectives access controls must be implemented at four levels.

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Security and privacy policy provide the key foundation for good organisational security practice.  Hence, documenting thoroughly these policies ensures that they are followed consistently within the organisation, providing greater accountability and a standard against which to measure compliance.

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Information Security policy and procedures provide the key foundations of good organisational security practice. However, in order for these practices to be successful, they need to be enacted with diligence by all employees.

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eHealth ISPS can assist you in delivering your information security and privacy projects on time, to specification and on budget, whilst managing stakeholder expectations.

Our project managers have recognised industry accreditation, specialist information security expertise and a demonstrated track record of successfully delivering complex projects across a broad range of industries including public and non-profit sectors.

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About us

‘All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.’

eHealth Information Security and Privacy Services (ISPS) is a vendor-neutral consulting firm that specializes in information security and privacy services.

The organization was founded by certified, experienced industry experts dedicated to advancing responsible information and privacy management practices and has been architected with two key principles:

  • Provide high quality, cost effective information security and privacy consulting services for these organisations.
  • An absolute focus on four core practice areas (information security, risk, privacy compliance) within the business context of the service environment.

The eHealth ISPS business model is client-driven. Each engagement type, from developing proposals, conducting assessments to implementing remediation plans is tailored to meet the organizations specific requirements including budget, schedules, business goals and mode of operating.

We take pride in working collaboratively with our clients to deliver effective outcomes with a focus on flexibility, efficient use of existing resources and business process integration and harmonization.

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